August 13, 2017 at 11:34 AM

You might think that a brand new van is going to benefit your business most, but do you have enough disposable income for the initial purchase?

A new van could set you back thousands compared to its second-hand counterpart, so that’s why this month we’ve created this blog to showcase just how you could benefit from a used van instead.

Dealer Expertise

Dealers are more likely to have hands-on, mechanical expertise compared to a new van or private sellers. This means that if you do have technical questions regarding the running of your van, they’re able to answer to the best of their knowledge.

Reduced Cost

Typically newer makes and models are more expensive compared to their used counterparts. However, this does help businesses that have a smaller budget to start with. This means that you’re able to buy the same make and model at a more competitive price.

These savings mean that you could have extra cash to buy a model with enhanced features such as air conditioning, sat navs or Bluetooth capabilities. Brand new vans typically only have these features if they’ve been upgraded from the basic spec, making a used van the better option.

Quicker Drive Away Times

For those of you who have previously bought a brand new car, you’ll know that occasionally you have to wait for a period of time before you can drive away in your new car. This isn’t the case with a used van; it’s already waiting for you on the forecourt.

Additional Safety

You know that when you buy a used van that’s it’s previously been driven, so you’re safe in the knowledge that it’s going to be efficient and safe to drive. Most reputable used van sellers will service the vehicle before it goes on sale, whereas you take the risk that all the internal parts are working immediately with a new van.


Whilst most new van dealers are quick to highlight the benefits of a brand new van, these vehicles can rapidly depreciate in value within the first 12 months. This will ultimately affect the trade-in value that you receive should you give up the van.

In comparison, a used van has been priced based on its condition; it’s previously mileage and numerous other factors. This means that you’re not going to be losing as much money in the long run.

Access To More Makes and Models

A used van dealer is going to have access to a wide range of makes and models compared to a private seller. Not only does this help to cut the time you spend searching for a vehicle, it means you’re able to directly compare those you’re most interested in.

A wide range of vehicles means that there are vans to suit nearly any business budget. This not only benefits large companies looking to expand their fleet but also helps self-employed workers who need a new set of wheels.